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BAFTAs 2022

Working on the BAFTAs this year was an amazing opportunity.

Getting the ASL and BSL ladies and gentlemen ready to do sign language for the show.


Prior to the event I was asked 2 days before if I could draw a picture of Daniel Craig‘s face as a tattoo on the host Rebel Wilson‘s leg.

I had never done anything like this in my life, but I couldn’t say no until I tried.


So after the red carpet and before Rebel went on stage, to present the show, I was taken to her dressing room and painted Daniels face on her calf.

Working on this treatment with Charlie was such a great opportunity for me. I was able to design the make up for both Maya and Claudia, Olivia (the victim) including her statement hair style, which needed to stand out and replicate a slight resemblance of the original Blade Runner character Rachael. I worked in conjunction with amazing Art Director Russell De Rozario who guided me through making blood bags for Olivia's murder scene.
Then gradually as the fight scene continued, Claudia had to be "injured" so Adam the stunt coordinator, guided me where she would "sustain" her injuries, and the placement of the sfx.

Then there was Skin's cameo... Painting her face was a dream!